Picture 1 - Teddy Bear of Royalston Ma. shot this fine bear on bait site 1 -  2019

Picture 2 - Doc Holiday receiving the "Jim Boomer" Hayden Big Bear Award at the MASS Bow Hunters Banquet and the UBRI Award at a dressed weight of 370lbs.  This is his 6th bear taken with the aid of my hounds

Picture 3 - 850lb Moose with a 53" spread, 10x10




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Welcome to my website.   Inside you will find information about my guide service.   The services I offer are guided hunts for animals such as turkey, bear, moose, and snowmobile tours in the winter.   I guarantee the hunt but not the animal.   My 90-100% success rate and reference pages speak for themselves.   I offer my services as a registered NH guide for hunting as well as snowmobiling, so if you're interested, all you have to do is contact me:

Bill Barrett
973 North Groton Road
Groton, NH 03241-4340

Tel: 603-744-2024
Email: blackbearlodge5@yahoo.com

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